Pan Asian Cuisine in Delhi

Pan’ is a prefix from the Greek meaning, simply, ‘all’; thus, Pan-Asian is a menu that includes some combination of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Korean.

Fatninja is a Pan Asian restaurant that prefers to do things not-so-by-the-numbers, which means an environment that allows you to breathe, a casualness that allows you to savour and a friendliness that allows you to soak it all in. And of course there’s the food. A fresh, tasty take on fare ranging from Refreshing Asian salads and innovative noodles concoctions to perfectly cooked curries this is food that does the Asian countries full justice. Fatninja is a brainchild of Mr. Priyank Sukhija , Mr. Akshay Anand & DJ Khushi Soni who combined their efforts, experience and passion along with the expertise of adept minds in the hospitality business for a destination that offers a product that it is authentic, inventive yet superior in its quality.IMG_3547-final IMG_3503-final2


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